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LaBrinx Designs Wide Hanging Turtle Ramp - Aquatic Reptile Basking Platform - (For 4 piece(s))

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About this item

  • VERSATILE DESIGN: This clear acrylic ramp can be mounted either with suction cups on the inside of the tank or hung up to 11” from the upper edges of tanks. This allows you to place the ramps exactly where your amphibious pals need them.
  • RAMP DIMENSIONS: Your amphibious friends should have plenty of space to explore in their home, and that’s what our ramps provide. At 10” wide, 10” deep, and a total length of 14” including the ramp, they can be comfortable in and out of the water.
  • CREATES TURTLE OASIS: Our friction grip tape allows your turtles to easily crawl up out of the water and bask just as they would in their natural habitats. This accessory creates multiple levels and makes greater use of the terrarium space.
  • BUILT FOR MANY PETS: These platform ramps can be used in almost any tank and for many different animals, be it lizards, frogs, hermit crabs, tortoises, and of course, turtles. The height is adjustable depending on the tank and pet.
  • PERFECT GIFT: The LaBrinx Designs Hanging Turtle Ramp Shelf is great for someone getting their first pet turtle and experienced aquatic animal owners alike. This dock’s low maintenance material is easily cleaned and maintained and built to last.
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