Shipping Policy

For over two decades, DROPTOB has been an industry leader of wholesale supplies and gift products in the United States. With over 10,000 stocked items in our 600,000 square-foot state-of-the-art warehouse, we offer customers one of the largest selections of wholesale general merchandise. From our incredible variety and competitive prices to our superior service, more than 300 DROPTOB' team members continually strive for excellence in every area - including shipping.

DROPTOB is committed to offering and honoring flexible shipping worldwide. We always work with the best trucking companies to get the highest discount on all shipments. Our business relationships (some more than two decades long) with reputable shipping companies ensure the best services and lowest rates for every customer!

DROPTOB works with a variety of shipping companies that help with the arrival of your order at the lowest cost to you! All LTL (Less Than Truckload) orders will be carefully checked, stacked high and efficiently wrapped on pallets. Full details on our shipping policy can be found here. If you have any further questions or concerns about shipping please send an e-mail to


Please expect a delay during the busy holiday season, unforeseen emergencies or natural disasters.

DROPTOB warns customers that we do not recommend shipping liquid or fragile items on orders designated as the most price-effective shipping method to be via Prepshipping. However, with a completed faxed or scanned disclaimer form, we will at customer's discretion fulfill the order and ship via Prepshipping The disclaimer form must have the customer's signature, which consents to remove liability from DROPTOB. We will not be held responsible in any way for damages nor cooperate on any claims filed should any damages occur during the Prepshipping transit.

Your shipping quote will appear on the top right-hand side when your order exceeds the $500 purchase minimum and will adjust every time you add an item or make changes. Each shipping estimate is uniquely based on the order's weight, cubic measurements, and the delivery destination provided. If changes are made after your order is submitted, your salesperson will provide you with a new shipping estimate.

All shipping estimates are NON-BINDING and may be subject to additional verification and service charges needed at the time of shipment. The actual total charges will be determined at the time of shipment.

Payment of freight charges is always the responsibility of the buyer. The buyer bears the cost of the shipment, owns the goods in transit and is responsible for filing any damage claims also known as FOB Origin and Freight Collect. All freight charges that are prepaid with a credit card are subject to a 3% charge. PLEASE NOTE: ALL FREIGHT CHARGES ARE STRICTLY ON A COLLECT BASIS.

Residential Delivery Charges
All shipping companies (with the exception of UPS and FedEx) have an approximate $50 standard fee applied to all residential deliveries. Shipments with a residential destination are also subject to a fuel surcharge, and extra accessorial charges when there is a required or request for a lift gate, call before delivery or inside delivery.

Amazon Shipping Charges
For Amazon orders you may be subject to the following shipping charges.

Any changes in address or FBA number will be subject to a $25.00 fee per each change.
Label for cases has a fee of $0.45 per label or $25 minimum whichever is greater.
If order is split into multiple shipments there is a $25.00 processing fee per FBA ID. Each shipment must have a minimum $500 worth of merchandise
When order exceeds 25 boxes and requires consolidation there is a fee of $50.
After 7 days of having merchandise ready and we have not heard back from the customer we will charge a storage fee of $25 per day.
Take note that any fees or charges from Amazon have to be dealt with Amazon directly.

International Shipping Charges
Our shipping department seeks the most economical shipping rate and assists international customers in every possible way but we are not liable for knowledge of foreign taxes or charges that might be added to shipment.

Tip: International orders will find palletizing most cost-effective. All orders that complete a pallet should ideally be 1000 pounds and 80 cubic feet.

Less than Truckload (LTL) Shipping
Our company works with the best trucking companies to get the highest discount on all shipments. We achieve excellent service at the lowest possible rates for all customers. However, if you are partial to a company we will work in conjunction without any problem.

Commercial Shipping
DROPTOB works with a wide range of trucking and transportation companies throughout the country. Customers can benefit and enjoy by getting their merchandise in the most inexpensive, fast, and safest method possible.

Residential/Domestic Shipping
Our shipping companies can even deliver inside the comforts of customer's homes, but special equipment (i.e. lift gate) is usually needed to unload and deliver merchandise, so extra charges may apply.

Limited Access Locations
Limited Access Locations require an additional $79.00 delivery charge and include, but are not limited to, schools, churches, mini storage facilities, prisons, military bases and installations, mines, construction sites, fairs, carnivals, navy piers, airports, commercial establishments not open to the public during normal business hours, and expo centers.

International Shipping
DROPTOB proudly ships throughout the world - including small orders that meet our $500 purchase minimum! Freight forwarders may facilitate international shipments, therefore, we strongly advise that you locate a freight forwarder familiar with shipping to your country. DROPTOB does not make any freight forwarder recommendations. If no freight forwarder is obtained, the next shipping option is UPS (United Parcel Service). UPS shipping takes approximately 2-3 weeks and is contingent on weight, cube, and shipping destination. For information regarding documentation, requirements, and exemptions for shipping via UPS to your specific country, please consult this page:

This option is available at no additional cost! However, full information about the customer will be required.

Freight Forwarding
DROPTOB welcomes customers preferred trucking company or freight forwarder. Simply provide the contact person's name, address and phone number. We strongly advise that customers find a freight forwarder familiar with their country's import policies. This ensures a full understanding of what to expect with the shipping and receiving process.

Container Load Shipments
Every container ships out with superior quality packaging. This includes efficient and maximized use of space and every precautionary measure to avoid breaks, damages, and loss. Our shipping department books container deployment with the most reputable shipping lines and freight forwarders available - to any destination throughout the world! We efficiently consolidate, load, and coordinate moving merchandise containers to the first available vessel to avoid any long or unexpected delays.

Container Consolidation
Our professional staff consolidates and welcomes merchandise from other companies to load into our containers with no extra charges! Please note that there is a $10,000 purchase minimum for containers.

Shipping and receiving days vary per area (outside of Delaware is contingent on proximity to state).

East Coast An estimated 6 business days

An estimated 4 to 5 business days
West Coast An estimated 2 to 3 business days
International Option to send by USP by priority mail (approximately 2 to 3 business weeks and tracking number will depend on country)
Every shipment is carefully put together with their corresponding carton (CTN) number and are shrink-wrapped to avoid losses or damages. Items that don't complete a full carton are repacked alphabetically/with a letter in sequential order on each carton and a green florescent sticker (which is a droptob indicator for a repacked item) outside of each carton.

Before any LTL order gets shipped out we provide a courtesy call to each customer during the final stages of each order. This call includes (but is not limited to): verifying address, disclosing final freight charges, total amount of cartons, trucking company information (including tracking number for order).

Neighboring customers can have their merchandise delivered (8am-5pm Monday - Friday) to their delivery destination or container within 2-3 business days - free of charge! However, shipping addresses [including orders that require a freight forwarder] must be within the greater Delaware area and must meet our local purchase minimum (starting at $1000 but varies, please see our policy below). *Any orders that fall below the local purchase minimum will need to provide an additional freight charge to be verified and determined by a DROPTOB salesperson.

Our 1-2-4 Free Shipping Policy is as follows:

DROPTOB will not charge a delivery fee to any locations in the CITY OF DELAWARE  provided the minimum invoice amount is at least $1,000.
DROPTOB will not charge a delivery fee to select locations in the COUNTY OF DELAWARE provided the minimum invoice amount is at least $2,000 and it's within a 30-mile radius of our warehouse.
Free shipping DOES NOT APPLY in all locations. Select zip codes regardless of the county they are located in DO NOT QUALIFY for free shipping. To see if your location qualifies for free delivery contact your salesperson or email
By Customers
Your order will be packaged and ready for pick-up in the least possible time (usually 4 hours in our Vernon warehouse and 2 hours in our Commerce warehouse) but according to the size of your order. Customers must first verify our appointment schedule with a DROPTOB salesperson.

By Trucking Company (as arranged/confirmed by customers)
All orders will be: carefully checked, efficiently wrapped and placed on high pallets to minimize quantity of pallets used. These steps help avoid extra costs and reduce the cost of freight. Please note: Customers must arrange their own truckers and provide full information on the trucking company to their salesperson.

Pick-Up Wrapped
This is strictly based on shipments that are set up by the customer. All pick-up wrapped orders have to be routed out by the customer, which means they will need to provide their sales representative with the name of the trucking company, contact information, name, time and date of pick-up.

Pick-Up Will Call
Customers picking up orders must give their sales representative a time and date for scheduling a pick-up.

We cannot ship, deliver, or release merchandise for pickup until the order has been paid and received in full.

DROPTOB accepts many forms of payment such as money orders, checks (traveler's, electronic and cashier's), credit cards, droptob credit lines and wire transfers.

If you have submitted your order but forgot to add or wish to substitute or even remove items, you may do so by contacting your salesperson immediately.

You may view the current status (with real time updates) of your order(s) when you login and access the "My Account" section. From your "Account Profile" page select "Order History" and then search for either the SO/Invoice Number or Reference number for the order you wish to obtain further details on. A description of your order status will appear in the same row under the "Status" column.

You may keep track of your order(s) when you login and go to the "My Account" section. From your "Account Profile" page select "Order History" and then search for either the SO/Invoice Number or Reference number for the order you are tracking. The same row will contain its corresponding "Tracking Number" column section with a link available to click on. By clicking on the link you will be able to obtain details of your order's whereabouts from the actual shipping company.

Any customers with cancelled orders will bare the cost of return shipping. Also any order that has been processed in the warehouse is subject to a 20% re-stocking fee. If the sales rep has not entered the order and if for any reason you choose to cancel your order you will not be responsible for any charges

Each shipment is regarded as a piece count. This means drivers must count and sign the number of cartons and/or pallets as well as the consignee (customer) at the destination. Any physical damages or discrepancies such as crushed, opened, loose, or missing cartons must be noted on the drivers receipt at time of delivery.