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6"x6" Shrink Wrap Bags for Soaps Bath Bombs and Handmade Crafts,PVC Heat Shrink Bags Perfect for Wrapping A Wide Variety of Products Including Essential Oil Bottle (300 PCS) - (For 8 piece(s))

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  • The shrink wrap bags can be use for shrinking a wide variety small products under 6 x 6 inch.High quality and value for the price for 300 pcs in 6 x 6 inch.
  • PVC material,brittlement,have a light blue color.These wrap films shrink up quickly with a heat gun or hair dryer and sealer.
  • If you wish to prevent from bath bombs from getting shuttered and your soaps from collecting dust and dirt,these clear shrink bags are a must have for you.
  • Perfect for Wrapping your bath bombs,oils bottles,soaps and nicely finish your arts and crafts,DIY projects!besides,you can use these shrink storage bags to give your homemade gifts a store-bought.
  • Easy to use,All you have to do is place the product in the bag and seal its open end with an impulse heat sealer or strong tape.Then you simply need to hold your hair dryer or heat gun until it begins shrinking.

Size:300 PCS

Wrap Your Soaps, Bath Bombs Or Essential Oils Bottles And Nicely Package Your Homemade Gifts.
Are you a DIY or arts and crafts project enthusiast who likes making homemade bath bombs,soaps,essential oil blends and fizzies?
If you have been looking for an easy, effective way to keep your things nicely packaged and neatly stored, you have come to the right place!
Senove presents you with the best heat shrink wrap bags pack which is exactly what you need!These bags are awesome,Just put your product in them, you can use them
for soaps Oils Bottles and bath bombs,perfect for wrapping my soap to gift family and friends.

How to use shrink wrap bags:
Step 1: Wrap. Place your item in the bag.
Step 2: Seal. Completely seal the open end of the bag with an impulse heat sealer or strong tape.
Step 3: Shrink. On low setting, hold your hair dryer or heat gun from the surface of the bag.
Step 4:Starting from one end of the bag, heat the bag until it begins shrinking.

Ideal for wrapping a very wide variety of products.These are some methods to make shrink wrap bags work better
First,if you are wrapping a round object,don't cut off the redundant conner,just twist it tight and heat all the way around the twisted area.Then cut off the excess.
It seems to hold better if you twist first then heat. If you cut off the excess it doesn't seem to hold shut as well.It easily opens.
Second,if you use a hairdryer to wrap things,then wave the dryer back and forth,it is more better than just straight on the product. Set dryer on high.
Third,if you are wrapping something small and round,don't poke out the ends, or you want a balloon affect.
All in all,this product are such a perfect product for handmake crafts that we hope you who bought it have a happy using.