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(100 Pack) Soft Stitch Ring Markers, Black & White (Small Size for Needle Sizes 0-8, for Knitting/Crochet/etc) - (For 12 piece(s))

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$10.49 USD
  • Small Size has inside diameter of 1/4” (6.07mm) for needle sizes 0 to 8
  • Helps keep track of your loops
  • Soft/flexible rubber material does not interfere with your work like hard/rigid rings do. The soft rings also do not have a burr on the inside of the rings that catch and fray yarn and other materials. Unlike silicone rings, this unique rubber material is not tacky and does not stick to your yarn/thread material.
  • Contains 100 stitch markers (50 pieces of each color selected)
  • Manufactured and Warrantied by Captain O-Ring LLC

Size:Small (Needle 0-8), Black/White

Soft stitch ring markers allow you to easily keep track of loops and patterns by threading a marker ring into your work at a specific location. Contains 100 pieces (50 of each color). Manufactured and warrantied against manufacturer defect for one year by Captain O-Ring LLC. “Captain O-Ring” is a registered trademark of Captain O-Ring LLC.