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Premium Microdermabrasion Crystals Face Scrub | DIY Spa Micro Dermabrasion Skin Exfoliation with 120 Grit Pure White Aluminum Oxide | Face Exfoliator Minimize Pores, Wrinkles, & Acne Scars - 4oz - (For 1 piece(s))

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  • Spa quality skin care: This microdermabrasion crystals scrub with aluminum oxide crystals provides your skin the spa quality care right in the comfort of your home to provide powerful exfoliation and anti-aging benefits to leave your skin feeling young and healthy.
  • Gentle & powerful exfoliation: iQ Natural Microdermabrasion aluminum crystals exfoliator provides reliable, safe, and effective exfoliation to remove the thick layer of dead skin cells to bring out the healthy, vibrant, and youthful skin for a vibrant complexion!
  • Radiance at its finest: Our microderm crystals facial exfoliator stimulates blood circulation, removes blemishes and dark spots along with nourishing the skin while minimizing pores to promote a youthful radiance and gorgeous even-toned skin like you've always wanted.
  • Firm & wrinkle free skin: Featuring pure and perfectly round 120 grit pure white aluminum oxide particles, our Microdermabrasion crystals treatment helps reduce the visibility of age spots, wrinkles, crow's feet, acne marks, and stretch marks.
  • 100% Risk-free purchase: We take all the right steps to make sure our customers get the highest quality products which is why we can confidently offer a 100% customer satisfaction warranty so that you know your investment is risk-free.

iQ Natural Premium Microdermabrasion Crystals treatment helps your skin regain the youthful luster, softness and firmness its lost over the year as well as promoting an even complexion. It exfoliates the skin by removing dead skin cells and stimulating blood circulation that results in healthier and younger looking skin that's visibly glowing to maximize your natural beauty. Using extra fine aluminum oxide crystals, this skin care exfoliating self-scrub buffs the outer layer of the epidermis and rejuvenate skin elasticity and appearance. We use the same high-quality aluminum oxide crystals that high-end spas and dermatologists use to boost collagen production and help turn the clock back for your skin. Our exfoliating crystals are the perfect choice for anyone that wants to reduce the visibility of age spots, acne, wrinkles, enlarged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, fine lines or just wants simple exfoliation to keep their skin looking healthy and young. Microabrasion crystals, crystals microdermabrasion