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Oliver Rocket Pine Tar Soap - Men's Face and Body Soap with Pine Tar Extract and Charcoal - Homemade in USA with Coconut Oil and Olive Oil (3 Bar Set) - (For 8 piece(s))

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About this item

  • Handmade soap bar quality engineered for successful men; soap 100% homemade, created in the USA
  • Luxurious black soap crafted to leave skin feeling soft, smooth, and incredible; the perfect gift for a birthday or Father's Day
  • The exfoliating and detoxifying soap is blended with charcoal, and is suitable for sensitive skin
  • A multipurpose bar, functions as hand, beard, and body soap
  • Comes in a set of three 6 oz bars; crafted with with saponified oils of coconut oil and vegetable oil, olive oil, shea butter, activated charcoal, sea salt, pine tar extract, oatmeal, and fragrance