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Briar Hill 100 ft Upholstery Flexible Metal Tack Strip, Three-Tooth Upholstery, Curve Ease for Sofa, Chair, and Furniture - (For 8 piece(s))

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$193.76 USD
  • MULTIPURPOSE - While it’s designed for upholstery applications to fasten fabric to the frames of furniture chairs or sofas that have curves, it works well with straight and irregular shaped arms, wingback or arched portion of chairs.
  • STURDY - Quality galvanized medium metal finish with 3 tooth locking design is perfect for creating a sturdier and tighter finish on those curved and difficult upholstery areas.
  • 100 FOOT ROLL - Measuring at 100 feet long of flexible tack strip, it’s perfect for an upholstery project of 4-8 pieces.
  • COMMERCIAL QUALITY - Our products are used by upholstery professionals within the furniture industry. You can rest assured that this product has commercial grade durability at an affordable cost. Why replace your furniture when you can repair it at a fraction of the cost?

Flex Grip curve ease metal tack strip is used to upholster/fasten fabric to a piece of furniture that has curves where a straight tack strip will not work. It is most commonly used on curved arms, outside wings, and arched backs. The three tooth pattern allows for extra grip and a tight fit.

Our team believes in providing QUALITY upholstery supplies at an affordable value. As a commercial manufacturer of furniture ourselves we use all of these same products in our furniture for even high end designers in the hospitality industry. We know you will be satisfied with our products. Ensuring that our customers have a great experience is our #1 PRIORITY!