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Anti-Collision Stickers to Prevent Bird Strikes on Window Glass - Set of 17 Silhouettes - Color: Turquoise - Window Decals - (For 8 piece(s))

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About this item

  • Set of 17 bird silhouettes of different shapes and sizes (see picture for details).
  • The bird silhouettes prevent bird strikes. Glass panels, verandah doors or bay windows can act like mirrors with the sun rays reflection.
  • Bird silhouettes are coloured on both sides. So, colour of the stickers is visible both from the outside as well as from the inside. However, it is advisable to apply them on the outside surface of the window.
  • Guaranteed high quality materials with long-lasting adhesiveness (will not fall off over time, resistant to rain, freezing weather conditions and cleaning agents) and long-lasting colour (will not fade over time either).
  • This product contains 2 sheets with bird silhouettes. For an easier application, peel the excess vinyl (around the birds) off and pull it all off the paper support sheet. After that, just peel the birds off and place them on your glass with clear water.


Use these 'anti-collision' stickers to warn off birds, pets or people so they are prevented from bumping into window glass (placement on the OUTSIDE SURFACE of the glass). Perfect for verandahs, bay windows, glass doors,... - Shape and size of stickers: flying birds of different sizes (see image). - Quantity of stickers in the package: Set of 17 birds silhouettes + 7 free small birds silhouettes. - Color: Turquoise. Stickers are colored on both sides. Colour of the stickers is visible both from the outside as well as from the inside. - Material: Stickers are made with premium quality vinyl resistant to any weather (UV, heat, frost, rain,...) for many years (about 10 years). Instructions sheet (notice with pictures) is supplied with the stickers. Here are some additional tips: For People/pets: - Place these stickers at eye level. For pets or children, it's important to place these stickers at their level too. For Birds: - Always place the stickers on the outside of the glass (mirror side due to sun reflection), not inside your home. This is very important to be visible by the birds. - Place stickers on all areas of your window. Do not leave large spaces without rounds. Leave 1-2 feet maximum between 2 stickers. - If your window is upstairs, also place stickers in the bottom of your window. - Birds have a very different view. They perceive colors differently (much more pink due to ultraviolet light that birds can see). Don't hesitate to mix several colors of stickers if you like colorful decor. For decorative purpose: - These stickers can be placed on walls or any flat surface too (shower door, mirror, tiles,...) - You can also mix these stickers with other shapes we propose (butterflies, birds, leaves, clouds, small/big rounds...).