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7 pcs Red String Bracelet – Original Kabbalah Against Evil Eye Protection from Rachel’s Tomb in Israel + Ben Porat Prayer + certificate of blessing + wearing instruction - (For 12 piece(s))

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About this item

  • The Original Red String Kabbalah Bracelet is powerful amulet from Evil Eye. This is protection from ill energy. Red String Bracelet blessed at Rachel’s tomb in Israel.
  • Package contains: 7 pcs Red Strings, certificate of blessing at Rachel’s tomb with original stamp, Ben Porat Preyer, wearing instructions, answers on interesting questions about Red String.
  • The Red String Bracelet is made of pure Merino wool. The length of each String is 12 inch (31 cm). Adjustable size.
  • This bracelet is a great protection for your sweet family. It can be worn even by a child. You give not just a bracelet, but love, good luck, protection from the evil eye to your children.
  • The Red String Bracelet is strong enough. But some people wear it for a whole year, while in others they are torn after a month. It depends on how much powerful negative energy affects you. So, if your bracelet is broken, just put on a new one after reading the Ben Porat Prayer.

In your hands very powerful amulet against Evil Eye and negative energy. This is an ancient Jewish amulet from Israel. The ceremony of blessing spend in Bethlehem. The Red String was wrapped around the Rachel’s tomb. Priests read prayers. After that Red String is cut into pieces. To each 7 bracelets attached a certificate of blessing with a seal. Wear The Red String bracelet on the left wrist. You can ask the person, whom you trust, to tie the bracelet. You need to tie 7 simple knots. Then read the Ben Porat prayer. Now you are protected from negative energy which calls ‘Evil Eye’. 10 reasons to buy the Red String bracelet: -Original Kabbalah Red String Bracelet. -Protecting you and your children from negative energy. -Brings love, good luck and success. -Energy of wool relieves stress and positive effects on your health. -Blessed in a holy place at the of Rachel’s tomb in Israel. -Natural Merino wool. -7 pcs of Red String in each package. -Ben Porat Prayer + wearing instruction. -Red String bracelet is the perfect gift for New Year, Christmas, Mother's Day, Birthday, Valentine's Day. -The Red String is soft, strong and bright. Our mission is to deliver bracelets around the world. And the opinion of our clients is very important to us. If you have the opportunity, please leave your honest feedback. Order the bracelet right now! The energy of protection and peace will come to you!