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25 Feet of Real Barbed Wire - 18 Gauge 4 PT - (25 Feet) Light Duty - More Flexible - Perfect for Yard or Crafts - Made in USA - (For 1 piece(s))

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About this item

  • These Pictures are Correct. This is 4 Point REAL Barbed Wire. Metal and Sharp! Please handle carefully with gloves.
  • High Tensile Light Duty 18 Gauge makes it "easier" to manage and bend into shapes. BUT it's still REAL Barbed Wire. This is Not light weight and malleable like copper or other craft wires.
  • Unusual Arts & Crafts Supplies (can be painted) Frames, Jewelry, Furniture, Wreathes, Lighting...
  • It MAY help to deter pests. Makes GREAT WALKING DEAD BATS! Good also for Fencing, Containment, Deterrent, Protection, Division
  • For assured quality and guarantee, Order ONLY from CherryPic Junction